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Roblox Madness Face that was only available Bloxcon Weekend. This face has caused mixed emotions throughout the community as it is a retextured Epic Face, a face that was
Roblox Madness Face

Roblox Maddness Face

only available through a gift. The face consists of the Epic Face with eyes replaced by the Roblox R.

Sale PriceThis face was available for R$0 during Bloxcon Weekend. Over 15,000 were sold.Edit

The face is now currently available as a limited item at a current average price of R$ 507

How to Make it Look like an Epic FaceEdit

Roblox Maddness Face can easily look like an Epic Face with a fedora and any type of sunglasses. The glasses will cover the eyes and a fedora will help but it is not necessary. A tiny red spot will appear but holding a gear like a sword would zoom out the avatar's appearance on a profile and the red spot is hardly visible from the naked eye.