Possession one of ROBLOX's few popular horror games.


In the game, there is one ghost and the rest of the players are humans. The ghost can kill people and when the ghost does, the ghost turns into the person. The thing that makes this game interesting is that you don't know who the ghost is until you see it kill somebody. If you're a human, you get a zapper that can hurt and kill anybody. If you kill a person who is not the ghost then you die. If you kill the ghost with your zapper, the round ends and the surviving humans get 5 karma. The higher your karma is the more likely you are to become the ghost.


Possession thumbnail.

If you're the ghost, then your job is to kill all the humans. You need to try to not get seen while killing, or else everybody will start shooting at you. In between games, or if you get killed early as a human, you go into a  room with a large table in the middle. You have a spectate tool, when equipped you can see what the ghost can see.


Possession is a game by NarutoWorl.The game has about 700,000 visits, 20,000 favorites, and 5,500 likes. The game has different maps to play on. The maps consist of a haunted house, a forest, and a graveyard.