Groups are a feature in ROBLOX where users can create clubs or clans. A group can be made by Builders Club member and costs 100 Robux to make. All groups have different customizable ranks. Each group starts with the default three ranks, Member, Admin, and Owner. The group owner can rename these ranks for free, and purchase new ranks for 25 robux each. Group owners can also change what permissions each rank has. The permissions are: Declare enemy groups, declare ally groups, change the group description, change the group logo, accept group join requests, and create group items.

Well known groups and clans on ROBLOXEdit

The group LOL is owned by Shedletsky and it is well known for being the first group on ROBLOX, with ID 1. It's group picture is an "epic face", the face is also known as the "awesome face". LOL is the biggest non war clan group on ROBLOX.


FEAR's logo

The biggest group on roblox is a war clan, it is called "The First Encounter Assault Recon" (FEAR) and it has 140k members.

The second biggest group is also a war clan, and it is called "Team Domino".

The third biggest clan is "Vortex Security", which shows that robloxians like war clans very much.


ROBLOX made a forum for discussions about war clans, it is called "Clans & Guilds ", and it is a club house forum which means that it has many users and it is very active.