The Forum is the place to speak with other roblox players about anything. There are many different forums on roblox and not all of them are the appropriate forum for your topic, the All Things ROBLOX forum is for discussions that are purely about ROBLOX, and the Off Topic forum is for anything else.


The Rules for All Forums are the forum rules that you need to follow.

Here's a shorter version of the rules:

No personal attacks, racism, drugs, looking for girlfriends/boyfriends, don't swear, don't post flames or flame baits, don't post offsite links expect for youtube and twitter links, don't post about your bans or moderation history, don't post contests, don't spam, don't post in the wrong forum, don't repost your deleted thread, don't post on bad threads, don't post signatures (siggies) that are longer than one line, and don't be rude. Remember that not everthing is in the rules, and you are responsible for your actions even if what you did was not written in the rules. Don't be a bad boy/girl, and you will be fine.

Moderators and AdminsEdit

Forum moderators and admins have the powers to delete a thread, to edit their threads, to remove a thread's or post's text, but not to delete it, to post pinned threads or to lock threads.

Some forum moderators are:

gordonrox24 , NobleDragonyumyumcheerios, and MSE6.

Club House ForumsEdit

Club house forums are the forums with the most people on them, and they are the most active forums on roblox. The club house forums are ROBLOX TalkOff TopicClans & Guilds and Let's Make a Deal. These forums' names are usually written in shorter word, RT for ROBLOX Talk, OT for Off Topic, C&G (or C7G) for Clans & Guilds, and LMaD for Let's Make a Deal.

All of them are full of spam, nonsense, and off topic posts.

All Things ROBLOX is not a club house forum, but it acts as a club house forums, people keep posting off topic posts that have nothing to do with ROBLOX on ATR. The forum mods are against this, so the most moderation is in ATR. ATR is one of the most moderated forum, and people who post there and think it's a club house forums are often getting bans and thread deletions for reasons that they think are "stupid". The truth is that if you said "hello", you would get banned not because hello is a bad word, but because it has nothing to do with ROBLOX.

Forum WarsEdit

Many users of the club house forums hate people of other club house forums. Sometimes flame wars between forums start and people fight by getting spamming alts, page stretchers, and everything else that annoys people of the other forums and breaks the rules.